How Kopyst extension works

User Interface #

  • The extension provides a user interface (UI) that allows users to interact with its functionalities. 
  • The UI includes buttons for starting, pausing, as well as deleting the recorded steps. 
  • Additionally, there is a user web app to display the recorded steps and their corresponding details. 

Start Recording: #

  • When the user clicks the “Start Capture” button, the extension begins capturing the user’s actions. 
  • It tracks mouse clicks, button presses, and any other relevant user interactions on the current webpage. 

Pause Recording: #

  • If the user wants to pause the recording process temporarily, they can click the “Pause” button. 
  • While paused, the extension stops capturing further actions but keeps the existing steps intact. 

Resume Recording: #

  • When the user clicks the “Resume” button after pausing, the extension continues capturing the user’s actions from where it left off. 

Complete Recording: #

  • To finalize the recording and generate the step guide, the user clicks the “Complete  Recording” button. 
  • The extension stops capturing actions and proceeds to process the recorded steps. 

Generate Step Guide: #

  • Once the recording is complete, the extension takes the captured steps and organizes them into a step guide format. 
  • It creates a structured document that includes the recorded actions, and any additional details provided by the user. 

Delete Document: #

  • If the user wants to remove the generated step guide, they can click the “Delete Document” button. 
  • The extension will stop recording and the document will be deleted. 
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