In this world full of various advanced tools to fulfill one’s business requirements, choosing the best one is difficult. But what if you have done proper research and then jump to the best one? Here, we are talking about guide creation tools, which nowadays have become essential tools for everyday life. So, before choosing any tool, it is very crucial to know about the features they offer. In this article, we are going to discuss some essential features that process guide creation tools should have. Let’s get started.

Empower Your Guide Creation: 13 Essential Features for Your Chrome Extension

#1 Record, Pause, Stop

There are various tools available with different techniques to record or create the process guides. Some of them have a bit of a difficult process to document, while others just ask for a click. With these types of tools, all you need to do is start the recorder and then scroll down on the page. In this manner, you can easily and simply create your documents without any hassle. This feature also ensures that the guides created are precise and comprehensive, offering a superior user experience.

#2 Edit, Delete, Share, and Duplicate

Editing capabilities are a must-have in guide creation browser extensions. After recording the process, saving is a secondary option. If guide creation tool has edit, delete, share, and duplicate options, then it is a plus point for you. With this, you can simply duplicate any guides and customize them to fulfill your needs. Plus, duplicating functionality removes the need for multiple creations of the same process, as you can easily duplicate and edit as per your requirements.

#3 Team Collaboration

Creating a guide is not enough until it can reach the right party at the right time, as collaboration is the key to achieving the best results. So, it is clear that a great guide creation tool must provide its users with this feature. Also, there should be two options available, i.e., multiple users can collaborate on a single guide and multiple users can collaborate on more than one guide. Apart from this, they can also make real-time edits and offer feedback while collaborating.

#4 Download As PDF

If the guide creation tools enable users to access the created guides in both online and offline mode, it will be a good point to choose such a tool. Not all the tools provide this feature, but if you find any, add it to your cart without waiting for anything. The reason is that if there’s any network issue, you can still collaborate with your team in offline mode. This feature comes with the ability to download the guides as PDF files, which ensures that they are easily shareable and viewable across different platforms and devices.

#5 History, Status, and Insights

Reap the full benefits of functionality like comprehensive history, status, and insights. These functionalities play a vital role when choosing a guide creation tool. Through history, you can easily view and revert to previous versions of your guides to ensure your data is not lost. With the help of a status tracker, you can stay informed about the created guides. And insights will help you provide valuable metrics and analytics about the guides.

#6 Rich-Text Editor

A rich-text editor is a very helpful and powerful tool to enhance the content of your guides. You can use it to format text, add images, embed videos, and create visually appealing documentation. Using this enriches the UX and makes your guides more engaging and informative. So, if you find any guide or SOP creation Chrome extension that provides this functionality, you can go for it.

#7 One-Click Share Using a Link

Some of the guide creation tools have a complex process of sharing the guides users create on their platform. However, going for the easy one is an obvious step that everyone takes. There are still some Chrome extensions or tools that allow users to easily share their guides with just one click. Simply click on the share button or generate a shareable link with a single click, and your guide is shared.

#8 Image Editor

Visual content is still a critical component of guides, where an image editor is an important feature. With this, you can easily enhance and edit images directly within the extension, which eliminates the need for an additional editor. Plus, you can easily add annotations, crop, resize, and apply filters to images without hassle.

#9 Notification System (Me, Team)

Staying updated on guide-related activities is easy if your guide creation tool has a notification system. Some tools provide a single basic notification system, while others, like Guide Creator, provide a two-way notification system, i.e., individual (Me) and team notifications. If you use this, you can receive alerts about every single activity that occurs, including comments, edits, and shares. This type of feature improves team collaboration as well.

#10 File Upload and Edit

Some of the guide creation tools often use external files like documents, spreadsheets, or images. These kinds of Chrome extensions or tools support file uploading and editing within the same interface, leading to an improved user experience and ease.

#11 Customize Document Dashboard Interface

Customizing the document that you created with such tools or extensions is a big new game. Apart from auto-generating any types of guides, editing them, adding external resources, etc., customizing is what some of the guide creators lack. That’s what makes others special and provides such functionality, and if you find such a tool, it is like an icing on the cake. You have got the flexibility to organize guides, adjust the layouts, and make a choice between display options to create a workspace suiting your workflow.

#12 Multi-Tab Selection

Some tools are limited to single tabs, while others are not. There can be some scenarios where you need to create guides using multiple tabs. So, those with such functionalities simplify the process of managing multiple guides, as it removes the hassle and enables you to create a single guide using multiple tabs at a time. It also makes it easy to switch between them and work efficiently.

#13 Create Multiple Teams

There are some points where you need to collaborate with more than one team or train multiple teams at a single time. In this case, you may require tools that offer such features. At this time, tools that enable you to create multiple teams using a single account are effective. You can group team members according to their projects or departments, improving collaboration within defined units and promoting an efficient workflow for larger teams.


Overall, we can say that before having such an extension, make sure you find it an easy and effective tool that accomplishes your needs with the essential features that we listed above. With these features, almost all of your needs will be covered, saving you a lot of time, money, and effort. If you find more than one tool with multiple features like these, make a choice that doesn’t empty your pocket.